This is a new 3-man group featuring KAY-GEE, VIN-ROCK (from the Grammy-Award winning group Naughty-by-Nature), and introducing “DJ SLUGGA” THE BEAR.

Born from a 90's Hip-Hop movement and R&B culture, ILLTOWN SLUGGAZ combine “Hype, Cool, and Live Raw Energy”, to produce a musical experience like you’ve never seen. Their songs and performance are full of big melody, powerful choruses, all while tearing the stage down and engaging with real audiences and fans.

Kay-Gee & Vin-Rock have embarked on this new journey together, while wanting to add another element to the group. So, DJ SLUGGA was first discovered at the Turtle Back Zoo, right new to where the guys were raised and first made a name for themselves, in East Orange NJ. DJ SLUGGA spent most of his time producing tracks and developing his craft with Kay & Vin. DJ SLUGGA was influenced and mentored by other iconic producers and DJ’s such as, Kid Cupri, Biz Markie, Quest Love and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Since forming ILLTOWN SLUGGAZ, the group has already performed with top celebrities such as NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, MTV MUSIC AWARDS 2020, QUEEN LATIFAH, WYCLEF JEAH, SALT-N-PEPA, and so many more.

ILLTOWN SLUGGAZ is the answer to creativity, excitement & fun. Plus DJ SLUGGA is an unmated element that takes the party to new levels.. So without further due, If your DJ ever calls out sick make sure you hit up ILLTOWN SLUGGAZ to come turn your party out.

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